There are many seasons. Each of them are beautiful in it’s own way. But when it comes to choosing one among all, spring becomes the answer of almost every person. There is a beauty in spring season which makes it a favorite of all the people. The way it cheers up the dull plants and makes them green is something no other season could ever do. But there’s one thing that annoys me about spring i.e.

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Flowers are very pretty and beautiful, they spread happiness wherever they go. Their scent is so beautiful that it freshen ups the mind. Flowers are inexpensive plus they look very great as a present. They expresses your love and gratitude in a simplest way possible. Whether you’re proposing someone or gifting a newly married couple, flowers always come to the mind. Bundle full of flowers is like a bucket full of happiness.

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Bouquet is a best way to gift a person happiness.

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