Keep Your Home Pollen-free By Seasonal Flowers

There are many seasons. Each of them are beautiful in it’s own way. But when it comes to choosing one among all, spring becomes the answer of almost every person. There is a beauty in spring season which makes it a favorite of all the people. The way it cheers up the dull plants and makes them green is something no other season could ever do. But there’s one thing that annoys me about spring i.e. it makes your home full of pollen. Pollens are sticky and yellow in color. Cleaning them is very hard. One of the reason for how they get inside our homes is, we often keep our windows open during spring season.

Pollens are quite allergic. In order to enjoy the scents and sights from your home you should make sure that your home is pollen-free. To help you regarding this, here’s a list of things you can do which ensures that pollen doesn’t enter your home.

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Don’t bring your shoes inside:

Most of the time, the reason for the spread of pollens inside your home are your shoes. When you go for sightseeing, pollens stick to every inch of your soles. The moment when you enter your house in those shoes, pollens spread all across the room. You should always remove your shoes before getting in your home or if you want to come inside without removing your shoes, make sure to remove the soles before taking them in.

Choose flowers which are unlikely to cause allergic reactions:

Allergies are very irritating. To avoid pollen allergies you should opt for hypoallergenic flowers. Hypoallergenic flowers doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. There are some flowers which has no pollen, by using them you can enjoy spring without making your home full of pollens.

Wash your clothes often:

Clothes are a barrier of spreading allergies. You should always wash you clothes, pillow covers and bed sheets once a week. This helps in making them pollen free and it also relieves you from allergies. You should use washing machines which are allergy reducing.

Dust your home everyday:

Pollens need to be clean as they spread allergies and make your home look ugly sometimes. All you have to do is, dust your home in every part of the day. Morning, evening or night dusting is must in spring seasons.

Adjusting humidity:

Humidity attracts allergies. The more your home is moist, the more it will attract pollens. To get rid of allergies and pollens you can adjust the humidity levels of your home. If you’re highly allergic to pollens then 30% humidity would be a good option and in case none of the member of your family is allergic, 50% humidity is a perfect level.


You should choose a landscape which has less chances for spreading allergies. Like flowers, trees also spread allergies. You should avoid adding such trees which spread allergies.

Avoid using small showpieces:

Little sizes are hard to clean. You should avoid using a large number of showpieces at your home. Pollens hide in small places present in showpieces. This makes us hard to clean and thus spread allergies. The less the showpieces will be, the easy it would be for you to keep the house pollen-free.

Track the level of pollens:

It might sound odd to you but just like we check out the whether, we can also check the level of pollens in the area we are living in. By tracking the level of pollens, you can know the time when level of pollen is high. In that way you can avoid going out in the time when it’s level is high.

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